Obsidian gear - How to get it

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Obsidian gear - How to get it

Post by Astril on Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:39 pm

Hi guys,

Just a quick how to for those of you who dont know (like i dident) on how to get obsidian gear currently one of the best kit in the game and how you should upgrade it.


So first of you will want to hit the 'o' key in game and serch for obsidian. There are 3 recipies for each item of kit. When you have picked the items you are most intrested in you will want to check the recipie for the top item e.g. if you wanted the lute you pick 'obsidian lute' not the cursed or ominous.

There you should see the items required the 'musical mana wisp' and other wisp's can be baught on the auction house (somone else can post how else to get these). The 'malevolent obsidian' can be found of mobs in Auroria on the map highlighted in yellow when you look at the items tooltip (hold the mouse over the item to see it). once you have the items its simply a case of crafting at the relevent bench.


Now you have your item you will want to upgrade it using the relevent item regrade scrolls. You will want to do this before using the other recipies listed as there is a chance to break the item during regrades. Regrading is very expensive and there is a chance to downgrade an item in the proccess so be prepared for a big loss of gold to get near the top tier (roughly 100,000 gold per item).

When you have the item as high as you can make it (or can afford) you will want to collect the items for the other recipies from the other maps in Auroria.


Now you nearly have the best item you can get all you need to do is use the relevent temper items until you have got the maximum value availible from tempering.

Lunagem & Lunascale

Finally you need to add the relevent  lunagem or lunascales to your item (can be done before tempering). If you have lots of spare lunagems or lunascales you can add them to the item at much erlier stages e.g. while your still regrading it. They can easaly be removed or distroyed later on.

When you have done all this you should have the best items in the game Very Happy



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